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Sir Santi's Crystals 
(all funds are donated to Non-Profit Sir Santi's Sanctuary Suicide Support Center)

Non-Profit Suicide Support Center| Sir Santi's Sanctuary

Welcome to the Sanctuary. speak your mind, speak so we can save your life

Become Apart of Sir's Sanctuary

Come and Join Sir's Sanctuary, a non profit built just for you. Free your mind, talk about your deepest fears or your worst memory. No matter what's spoken in here IT STAYS in here and you are able to gain help from people who OVERstand your situation instead of just understand but cant help you fix it. My goal is to STOP people from committing suicide due to just not having a safe space. Now there is one. We are here to help with things such as suicide and trauma support solutions, resource aid, grant funds, natural healing crystals and more. We cater to all needs, from funding for bills, housing, coping skills classes, appliances, and so much more. We are Located in Pueblo Colorado and member based only to keep everyone within the center safe. Privacy matters and we are here to keep it private.- Santiago Tarver

Located in Pueblo Colorado

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