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The Sanctuary is exactly what is says...a Sanctuary, but not just any typical sanctuary. One that is catered to YOU and actually giving you help, connections, like minded people, people who have been in your situation or may even be going through it themselves that you can ​talk to while going through your process of healing. We created this site to help people from hurting themselves and find better ways of cleansing from life's trials that we sometimes if not always feel like its too much for us to be going through at the time. There has been so many deaths caused by people not having a safe place to just talk, let alone feel like they can get help. So we felt the need to create one for everyone. Everything that is posted in the site is MEMBERS ONLY which means anything that is said in the sanctuary stays in the sanctuary. We have a privacy policy that ensures all posts can be either anonymous or personally published by your choice. We want to make sure everyone is loved, happy, healthy, growing, and safe, Thanks to Santi, now there is a place not just a suicide hotline but an actual personal Sanctuary space.


  1. Having a bad relationship and need advice? 

  2. Been depressed and nobody will sit and listen to help you heal? 

  3. Gone through a traumatic experience and don't know who to open up to? 

  4. Sexual molestation or trauma that you haven't opened up about since it happened causing you to feel as if its that time to take that last ride?

  5. Dealing with a mental disability that nobody understands and cant help you with including yourself? 

  6. Have a rare disability or disease period and just need an open place to talk and get advice from others who deal with the same issues?

  7. Need help with your bills?

  8. Need help with housing?

  9. Working on finding a solution to recovery from addiction? 

  10. Need a safe place to get help from Domestic Violence?

  11. Having trouble with getting a Service Animal due to costs?

  12. Want to learn how to channel your feelings into something positive?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions as well as feel like this can be a place you can find yourself gaining help from then welcome....The Sanctuary has been waiting for your to find your way here so we can welcome you with open arms. Touch your soul with loving and healing hands, teach you ways to help heal yourself without needing to depend on just your self thoughts that are already ganging up on you in the first place, we give you a place of peace and solutions to help calm all of your worries pains and fears down so that you don't have to worry about not wanting to be here in the morning. You are a god living a human experience, but that doesn't mean the human lives that we experience are going to go exactly as we would like for them to be. We need t be able to OVERstand each other instead of just UNDERstand each other. Become above the limit of comprehension standards and place ourselves at a level of equal stance. The first step to healing s being able to release and gain love, all of that is here for you and just have to open the door and become apart of the soul family. We offer a variety of services and programs to help you gain the most out of your membership with us as well as to guarantee a successful solution to all of your problems. We create funding for members through donations, grants and product order through our creations found on our website as well as in office. We are a member based center to keep the safety of our members a main priority as well as privacy exactly that, private. We have coping skills classes, meditation, addiction recovery programs, resource aid, mental health resources, Service Animal Donation Programs, and so much more. Anything we can do to help cater to you let us know, the more we can understand what you need the better our chances of saving a life.


We are a Certified 501c3 Non Profit Corporation, all of our items, services, and creations are tax deductible. Everything generated and offered here at the sanctuary is based off of donations made from the healing creations that Sir Santi makes to help everyone in the soul family grow. If you would like to donate please click the button below. Any amount counts. All cash donations will be donated to members of the center, and other organizations we are connected with that help the community. We also accept mail donations such as food, water, clothes, household items, etc to help give back to our physical community such as the homeless and people who may be in need of a few items that they might not be able to afford. 

Donate Today! Claim it on your taxes!

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