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Sanctuary Events

Here you can find all our current as well as future events. You can Pre-Order tickets, check when our pop up vendings will be happening,  Fundraisers. and become apart of anything else we have going on. Be sure to hurry and become apart of something life changing!

Sign the Petition and RSVP

Sign our petition to create a Registry Act that will Ban owners who are found mistreating or creating a bad image on the Pitbull/Bully Breeds. Our goal is to not have another Ban on the breed in any country ever again. Dont forget to RSVP Below to join the walk!

No events at the moment

Get Your Shirt!

Looking to get your T-Shirt for the event? send us your info and let us know if you would like to Organize, Volunteer, or Support so we can get you the right T-Shirt for your State or Country!

Thanks for submitting!

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